The restaurant

The team
Annie and her maitre d’hôtel, Ambroise, ensure that all conditions are met by both the service and kitchen staff in order to give the best service possible.
They form a truly unique team.
This duo is supplemented by the chef, Jean-Philippe, and his team in the kitchen. You can enjoy delicious dishes made from regional produce. A subtle blend of tradition and creativity, seasonal produce from the marketplace. Here, we do not compromise with the quality of the food coming out of the kitchen.
Everything is fresh!
Chef Jean-Philippe Schubnel knows perfectly how to orchestrate his small culinary partition: fresh, gourmet, colorful dishes. This passionate ensures that titillate our taste buds are still a bit more. Always choose from “Classic” and “Scalable” on a card that reflects the taste of tradition. A nice sip of cool card and built around many suggestions.
The cuisine we serve varies with the seasons. All dishes are served with vegetables and/or home-made mashed potatoes. Whether your are a one-time customer or a long-term friend, we thank you for keeping our story going. Allow us to offer you a service unique to each customer, without limits.
dining room
Annie Voegel-Leclerc has created a unique and friendly space. A friendly atmosphere and a modern feel for all connoisseurs of gastronomy and lovers of fine wine. You will catch sight of Strasbourg’s personalities and politicians, diplomats and artists, all there to indulge their senses. As the sun rises, a beautiful tree-filled terrace extends along the dining room.